The JETBeam WL-20 LED Flashlight is the ultimate illuminator for any sportsman.


This versatile light comes fitted with three pairs of powerful LEDs, one for emitting white light, one for green light, and one for red light, to cover a wide variety of needs.


You read correct, 3 lights in one!


The white LEDs can emit up to 1000 Lumens of brightness that will clearly illuminate anything that crosses its beam's path. The red LEDs produce light that is significantly less noticeable to wildlife and doesn't impede your natural night vision, making it perfect for scanning the forest for game. Light from the WL-20's green LEDs provides greater contrast than red or white light, making it easier to spot your target.

The LED colors can be easily switched between even while the WL-20 is on by simply rotating the light's head.


The WL-20 is operated using an innovative tail switch interface that makes one-handed operation a breeze. The large rubber power switch can be used to momentarily or fully activate the light and is easy to operate even when wearing thick gloves. On either side of the power switch are two metal side switches that are used to switch outputs while the flashlight is ON or to grant momentary access to red light, green light, or the WL-20's blinding strobe function.


When you're out braving the elements, the reliability of your equipment is crucial and the WL-20 is as reliable as they come. The durable torch is crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy and coated with a military grade hard-anodized finish, making it incredibly scratch and wear resistant. 


·         Durable aluminum construction with military-grade hard-anodized finish

·         Diamond knurling provides secure grip even while wearing gloves

·         Special thermal fins around head help dissipate heat to prevent overheating

·         Comes with 3 pairs of colored LEDs (White, Red, and Green

·         Twistable head allows for easy switching between LED colors

·         Deep smooth reflectors for maximum beam throw

·         Toughened ultra-clear glass lens safely guards LEDs

·         Specialized tactical tail-switch interface

o   Power Switch - Used to turn light ON/OFF. Lightly press switch for momentary activation and let go to deactivate. Fully press switch for full activation/deactivation.

o   Secondary Side Switches - Used to switch output mode. While light is OFF, press and hold for momentary access to Strobe Mode (White) or High Mode (Red or Green). While light is ON, press to change output (White and Red), press and hold to access Strobe Mode (White).

JETBeam WL20

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