• Lee Precision Automatic Processing Press

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Process, resize, bulge bust, size, swage!

The Lee Automatic Processing Press, the fastest and easiest way to deprime, size, swage, bulge bust or size cast bullets.

Works with cases up to 30-06 (2.5inches/6.35mm).




Automation Kit

X-Press Shell holders #2, #4 and # 19

Bottle Adapter


Available APP accessories:

Add a Lee Precision Universal Case Feeder to increase capacity and work rate.

The APP Bulge Buster Kit - restores free function of rimless cases that have low base bulges!

Kit includes the Bulge Buster Kit and required Factory Crimp Die (9mm Makarov for 9mmp Bulge Busting)

The APP Bullet Sizing Kit – the fastest way to size cast bullets! Add the kit and required Bullet Sizer and Punch...more sizes available on request.

The APP Primer Pocket Swager - Now you can swage primer pockets as fast as you can operate the press lever!

Please contact us to add any accessories. Mail duane@480bc.co.za.

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Lee Precision Automatic Processing Press

  • R3,500.00