Process, resize, reload!

Introducing the Lee DELUXE Automatic Processing Press, the fastest and easiest way to prepare cases and size cast bullets. It is also a very convenient single station reloading press.




Automation Kit

X-Press Shell holders #2, #4 and # 19

Bottle Adapter



Enquire about the following APP accessories:


The APP Bulge Buster Kit - restores free function of rimless cases that have low base bulges!

R500.00 plus add the required Factory Crimp Die for R550.00


The APP Bullet Sizing Kit – the fastest way to size cast bullets!

R350.00 plus add the required Bullet Sizer and Punch for R300.00


The APP Primer Pocket Swager - Now you can swage primer pockets as fast as you can operate the press lever!

R1100.00 plus add the required Xpress shell holder for R120.00


Ongoing review in our Blog Section!


The press in action!

*Shown on optional reloading stand and with optional bin and bracket*

 This product is a special order. This item is not kept in stock at 480BC but ordered on request. Please confirm stock before placing your order. Contact to confirm.

Lee Precision Deluxe Automatic Processing Press

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