Introducing the brand new Speras E2R!


A High performance flashlight at a fraction of the competitions price.

The SPERAS E2R is a multifunctional, high-performance flashlight with multiple settings set by a very easy to use UI.


The E2R is equipped with a Luminus LED with excellent circuit .This gives the E2R the mighty 1500 Lumens punch and a throw of 267 meters.

And let’s not forget about the candela rating… 17,824 cd!


The newly designed tail switch design allows for easy access to one-touch strobe, one-touch turbo, one-touch ECO mode.


The E2R supports TYPE-C 5V/2A charging and 2A discharging enabling it to be used as a power bank!


Plus Duel Fuel! A very important feature…

The E2R can be powered by 1x 21700 battery and for backup can also run on  2x CR123A batteries.


Our package includes the light, 1x 5000mAh 21700 battery and the tube insert to allow you to use 2x CR123A batteries.

All Speras Flashlights carry a 5 year warranty

Please do not use unprotected batteries – doing so will void your warranty. 


Speras E2R

  • Brands Speras
  • Product Code: Speras E2R
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  • R1,700.00