Swampfox Warranty

Swampfox products carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and material flaws, covering structural housing and glass- everything but the illumination/electronic system. If it suffers damage under normal use that hampers its performance, Swampfox will repair or replace it.


The illumination/electronic system of Swampfox products is warrantied for 10 years from the manufacturing date. We track this using the provided serial number. Printed circuit boards, LED’s, and consumer electronics are simply not designed to last a lifetime—hence, this aspect of the warranty lasts for ten years.


Should your returned product be out of production, Swampfox reserve the right to substitute it with a similar product of equal value.


Your warranty will be voided if any modifications or maintenance are carried out by individuals or entities outside of Swampfox, their agents or dealers.


Swampfox is brought into SA by one of the oldest and respected agents in SA.

They will stand by the product and do their very best to ensure warranties are adhered to as far as possible…

Please remember we are in South Africa and Swampfox is based in the USA.

There might be warranty exclusions due to the distance and each claim will be supported by us and the agents as best as possible.

Please contact duane@480bc.co.za for more info.