• Lee Precision Ultimate Turret Press

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Introducing the brand new Ultimate Turret press from Lee Precision.


The Ultimate Turret now features a changeable tool carrier available in three, four, five and six die positions. The tool carrier is precision machined on all surfaces and closely fitted to the steel support ring that surrounds the index able tool head, having just enough clearance to allow free indexing and enough radial clearance to allow perfect die alignment. Perimeter support eliminates any die tipping and provides the best possible accuracy.

Each die position is a quick change, provided by the Lee Breech Lock system.


Every down stroke of the press automatically advances the carrier to the next tool position. The new index mechanism has only one moving part and is overload protected making it nearly indestructible.


The final and exact positioning of the tool head is provided by a shot pin attached to the ram.

These features eliminates any play on the Tool Carrier.


The Ultimate Turret now includes a case ejector to whisk away your finished round to the included bin.

The Big Press all-steel compound toggle linkage sizes the most difficult cases with ease, with sufficient stroke to load the longest magnum cartridges.

Through ram primer disposal keeps grit and grime away from the massive steel base and ram.

Excellent ergonomics with the formed lever and roller handle. The balanced lever design is easy to operate and will not drop and pinch a finger.

The finishing touch, a tool rack surrounding the steel tool carrier holds die wrench, ΒΌ hex wrench, alternate primer arm and Safety Prime.


Press only includes:

5 hole turret

Safety Prime- small and large primer arms and feeds

Bin and bracket- catch completed rounds

Roller handle grip

Caliber change die wrench

Lee Precision Ultimate Turret Press

  • R6,500.00